I’m broken. I’ve been broken for a long time but right now I’m more broken than before. I could blame my parents, but despite their abuse they didn’t break me. I just broke. In the season finale of Workin’ Moms, Frankie says that it’s not that there is something wrong, it’s that there is something broken inside of her. I like how she puts it – broken, not wrong. I’ve seen several people on Twitter and in blogs talk about how they’re “not broken,” and their abuser “didn’t break” them. I don’t think that broken is a swear word and I’m not ashamed that I’m broken. Is a vase ashamed that it fell off the shelf? I think it’s okay to be lying on the floor in a hundred pieces if that’s where I am today. Someday I’ll be back on the shelf covered in glue and tape, but able to see the sun again.

P.S. All episodes of Workin’ Moms are available on CBC.ca. They do an incredible job of showing a woman with mental illness dealing with day-to-day life.

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